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Decor Electric


Aluminium, the favoured alternative for heating engineers all over Southern Europe, has finally come of age in the UK. The new Decor Electric from The Radiator Centre brings together the benefits of aluminium with designer style, to create a highly practical and beautiful heat emitter. Incorporates a LCD backlit control, with daily and weekly programming options and multiple operating modes.

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Product Specifications

Materials Aluminium
Standard Colour RAL 9010 only
Delivery Information 2-3 working days
Stock Availability In Stock
Output Range 600 - 1800 Watts
Guarantee 10 years
Electric Components Guarantee 2 years
Connections 240V AC supply
Decor Electric in RAL 9010 Decor Electric in RAL 9010
Decor Electric Control Panel Decor Electric Control Panel

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Prices between £435.00 and £580.00

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Delivery Cost

£20.00 per unit

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RAL Colour Chart

RAL 9010
Pure white
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How do they work?

The oil-filled radiator is fitted with an electric immersion heater and operates on the same principle as a centrally heated radiator - the circulation of heated liquid. In an electric radiator, the liquid flows around the radiator naturally without having to be pumped, releasing warmth into the surrounding air as it passes through the tubes. The immersion heater continues to operate and heat the liquid to the set temperature until no longer required by the user. The sensations of warmth are identical to those given off by centrally heated radiators, because the principle is the same: the circulation of liquid.

With what liquid are electric radiators filled?

Our electric radiators and towel rails are filled with a specific high performance mineral oil. The radiators are filled in the factory under a controlled process, with a quantity of oil specifically adapted to the radiator and the size of the dimensions of the immersion heater.
The mineral oil has the following qualities :
-Excellent fluidity for perfect circulation in the radiators
-Excellent thermal qualities to give off heat over a long period of time
-Stable thermal-conductor properties guaranteed throughout the life span of the radiator, not requiring maintenance or replacement
-Bio-degradable to facilitate environmentally friendly recycling