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Timeless warmth and the eternal fascination of wood is relived in the Livingstone Woody.

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Timeless warmth and the eternal fascination of wood are relived in the Livingstone Woody. The subtle grainy textures that are brought out of the stone material offer a modern, but comforting environment.

The Woody will be supplied with a thermostatic ‘hidden valve’ system which enhances the artistic nature of the radiator. This valve system is included in the price.

Available in a wide range of colours. RAL colours are available on request.

About Livingstone Radiators

The Livingstone radiant panel is the result of some innovative, patented technology, all designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

Marble powder, a by-product of the marble-cutting processing, is recycled and combined with water and a natural binding agent to form the basis of the radiator. Each radiator is hand-made using a ‘cold process’ throughout its time in production; from the combining of the powders to the 4/5 day drying process. This leads to lower energy consumption and lower CO2 emissions in the environment.

And, at the end of its life, the radiator could be crushed and recycled; the marble powders separated from the other components and all reused or disposed of through natural means.


Recycled Marble

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5 years

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480 - 720 watts


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