Drawing attention to themselves

There’s no reason why radiators have to be boring! Designer horizontal radiators can brighten up a room as well as heat it, with an enormous range of designs allowing you to find the perfect model for your space.

For an ultra-modern setting, you can’t beat the Pioneer with its horizontal bars and mirrored finish that will reflect the light and make the room seem larger. A minimalist room will look even sleeker if you choose the Outline, a smooth, elegant, and unobtrusive radiator that conceals the pipework behind it. For something that looks a little bit like a radiator, but has beautiful, tactile curves that bring a feeling of calm into your room, the Livingstone Stripe will provide a great talking point. Made of recycled marble dust, it’s one of the most sustainable radiators on the market – it’s even fully recyclable at the end of its useful life, although that’s not going to happen for a very long time. 

Quality horizontal designer radiators

All the radiators available through The Radiator Centre are beautiful, but they’re also all extremely heat efficient.

They are powerful enough to heat your home even in the middle of a British winter. Whether you buy them online or visit one of our local radiator showrooms near you, you’ll get the same customer service excellence. In fact, we won’t sell you anything until we’ve made sure that the particular model you’ve got your eye on will provide enough heat for your room. 

All our radiators are available in a range of colours, finishes and sizes – and you can use our radiator heat calculator to help you measure the heat efficiency needed so you can get a more accurate idea of the likely costs. 

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