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Cliff by Eskimo Design


The Cliff radiator is part of the Outline family from Eskimo Design. The uniqueness of this version is that the finish is achieved using a real stone veneer which offers a palette of organic earthy colours with hints of dark browns, anthracite greys and green hues.

As  this is a natural material, no Cliff is identical - a bonus for anyone looking for that one-off piece. However please note : this does mean that a specific design or mix of hues cannot be specified or guaranteed.

There are a number of different stone finishes including Barrren Stone, Earthy Pit and Schistian Slater. We have samples in our showroom should you need to take a closer look.

The inclusion of a new Hinge and Bracket system transforms the radiator into an art and enables pipework and the valves to be concealed beneath the outer façade, whilst preserving the controllability. 

These radiators are also available in bespoke sizes should the standard sizes not quite fit, or should you have a specific space to fill.

Now available in ‘Electric-Only’. It is now possible to take advantage of the outstanding Cliff designs following the introduction of an ‘electric-only’ version. For more details have a look at the Cliff Electric.

The new "hinge and bracket" model with hidden valves is now available to view in our Islington and Leamington Spa showrooms. 

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Product Specifications

Materials Steel
Finishes Various stone finishes including Barren Stone, Earthy Pit and Schistian Slater
Delivery information 6-8 weeks for Stone finishes
Guarantee 5 Years
Output range 372 - 3333 watts
Please Note: The Hinge and Bracket system may result in a reduction in heat output.
Cliff - Earthy Pit Cliff - Earthy Pit
Cliff - Schistian Slater Cliff - Schistian Slater
Cliff - Barren Stone Cliff - Barren Stone

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Prices between £922.00 and £2,574.00

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Delivery Cost

£35.00 per unit

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Towel Rail - Chrome Single £156.00
Towel Rail - Chrome Double £225.00
Hidden Manual Valve Option £110.00
Hinge & Bracket TRV Valve Option £272.00
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Please Note: The Hinge and Bracket system may result in a reduction in heat output.