The Cinier range of radiators is a combination of innovative design, refined yet practical sculptures, and true works of art, creating a unique range of statement radiators that offer so much more than a valuable art piece or a standard heat source.

Having developed the technology over several years, Pyrenees stone is used in the creation of these radiators, resulting in a completely new manufacturing process. The natural stone is crushed, remoulded into a specially enriched paste, dried and hardened naturally for 21 days, then finished and coloured by hand. This leads to some key benefits.

  • A natural, durable surface.
  • High, even heat storage and output values
  • Unlimited personalised designs are available.
  • Choice of water or electric versions

Introducing the new Greenor Range from Cinier, designed for ground and air heat pump systems.

Taking the unique styling of the main Cinier range, the Greenor heating and cooling fan coil technology is designed to meet today’s environmental requirements in terms of energy efficiency.

Greencore is a combination of several technologies. The fan coil unit either circulates chilled or low-temperature water (55 °C) through a coil for indoor cooling or heats through renewable energy generators, such as biomass boilers, heat pumps, or condensing boilers working at lower temperatures.

  • A high-performance heat exchanger made from copper and aluminium (with outputs possible up to 6000 watts on specific models)
  • Perfect for large areas.
  • A low-voltage transformer to power the fans
  • 3 operating speeds
  • A radiant, decorative, and interchangeable front panel in Pyrenean stone
  • Remote Control