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30th May

Our stunning new range of Livingstone radiators

Never heard of marble radiators? Given marble’s cool nature, it does seem like a contradiction, but the amazing Italian designers at Livingstone have really excelled themselves with these innovative,…

27th Mar

Radiators worth taking when you move house

Not many people buy a new property with the intention of making it their forever home. Many are too busy thinking about their next move; whether it’s going to be sooner or later, upsizing, downsizing…

21st Feb

Meet our new neighbours in Clapham

We opened our latest store in South London shop at 136 Northcote Road in Clapham/South Battersea last year, and thought it would be a nice idea to explore the area and get to know our new neighbours. Luxury…

17th Dec

Round Up Of 2018

This is a traditional time of year for people to look back on 2018 and reflect on their wins and successes. We’re delighted to report that we had an absolutely cracking year, mainly because we expanded…

17th Jul

Radiator maintenance jobs to do in the summer

In the current heatwave, you probably won’t be thinking about radiators at all, but this is actually the best time of year to do all those maintenance jobs to ensure your central heating system works…

17th Jul

Magnetic boiler filter

Sludge has been around since the dawn of radiator technology. It’s made up of dirt and rust from the insides of the pipes and the radiators, and when it builds up, it affects the efficiency of your…

25th Jun

Will you be a World Cup winner?

The World Cup ​action is hotting up, with many surprise victories already taking place! Are you in the football mood or are you already fed up? The World Cup isn't for everyone and some…

27th Nov

Advice for architects and interior designers?

When it comes to building or renovating a property, there is so much more to incorporating radiators than just placing them as unobtrusively as possible or accepting that it’s likely one of them…

27th Jul

Pajak in Grand Designs

Copper piping is often being left on show as part of the shabby chic renaissance. This trend has been picked up on and developed with the end result being the Pajak towel rail. It is not often that something…

21st May

Studio News May 2016

The good people at Studio News picked up on the new Islington showroom. Studio has been created to inform and inspire the many professionals working in residential design – architects, interior…

29th Apr

Coloured Glass Radiator

Coloured glass is playing an increasing role in interior design; shower screens, splash backs, etc. The Radiator Centre has picked up on the trend by creating a range of Kinetic Glass radiators and…

29th Apr

Indulgent Bathrooms

Everyone likes somewhere to soak and so Utopia Bathrooms have come up with some of the best spaces to indulge in some luxurious bathing. They also feature one of our radiators to add to the extravagance.…

26th Feb

Make your radiator an individual statement.

Something novel - have your wallpaper printed on to your radiator. It can be done and was picked up Limited Edition magazine who published it in their March edition. This particular model comes from Brandoni,…

1st Feb

Not much Space - Get an Eton Narrow

It's an ideal radiator for narrow spaces, such as Hallways and Landings, but the Eton Narrow has been poping up in other rooms - Bathrooms, Bedroom, etc. Country Homes and Interiors used it in their…

22nd Jan

Daily Mail Article - January 22nd

News Flash - Friday January 22nd, 2016 The Radiator Centre just made the national press by being featured in The Daily Mail's Interiors Feature. Under the heading 'Ravishing Radiators',…

24th Dec

Luxury Inspiration for Discerning Londoners

The Resident (www.theresident.co.uk) has followed their tagline of 'Luxury Inspiration for Discerning Londoners' to a T, by featuring the Camelia in their December edition.

3rd Dec

Why Choose Jaga Heating?

When it comes to heating our homes, one of the main concerns that we have is the efficiency of the system. With ever-increasing energy bills, finding a solution to the problem of maintaining a comfortable…

3rd Dec

Good Homes magazine

Good Homes magazine have featured one of our Victorian 3 Column cast Iron Radiators in their December Issue

24th Nov

Going Through a Blue Period - Good Homes

Good Homes magazine has been focusing on introducing colour and settled on blue in their December 2015 issue. Our Roma radiator in RAL5002 Ultramarine Blue is a great piece of statement heating.

19th Oct

Don't Cramp Your Style - Radiators

www.dontcrampourstyle.com is a guide to living practically in a home that you've outgrown. ​In their most recenet edition they suggest that radiators can now be more than a heat source.…

19th Oct

Move To Magazines

We have been getting a lot of press about the Nature series of radiators from K8. Originally concieved, believe it or not, as towel rails, the whole range has moved from the bathroom into other areas…

15th Sep

Inspiration from our dream home

The Radiator Centre were recently interviewed by www.theessexbarn.com about 'Choosing a statement radiator'. You can read the results here

21st Jul

Boho Chic

Boho Chic? What is it and how do you achieve the look? All is revealed in this great little article on a Pocket Full of Rye. And our Centurion cast iron radiator gets a mention.  

19th Jun

Is it #ArtOrRadiator ?

Over the last few years we have seen many decorative trends, styles and must-haves pass through our living rooms along with all of the furniture and accessories to match. But how many of us have chosen…

7th Nov

Got a radiator question?

At The Radiator Centre we are passionate about everything to do with radiators. No longer are radiators simply a functional object placed in a room to provide heat – these days they are features…

7th May

Introducing Our New Heat Calculator

Make the most of our new Heat Calculator! A simple tool designed to help you to work out how much heat you require from the radiators in your room. As part of the updates on our new website, we wanted…