If you want your conservatory to be a part of your house rather than a room you can only use in good weather, you undoubtedly need to install a radiator.

There are a variety of radiators that are perfect for conservatories, whether you want them to be part of your central heating system or through other means.

Electric radiators

Electric radiators are great because of their simplicity. Unless your conservatory is being installed as part of a major house renovation, you will probably not want the cost and the inconvenience of connecting conservatory heating up to the rest of your central heating.

Electric radiators are the most obvious solution, and the best thing about them is that you can get many of the same designer ranges with the same features and functions.

Low horizontal radiators

As your conservatory is likely to have a lot of glass, low horizontal radiators are ideal for the space. We’ve even got one that could be part of the furniture – the Old Skool Bench is a solid oak seat on top of a radiator, making it perfect for that person in your household who’s always cold!

Trench heating radiator systems

The mini canal trench heating system is the perfect way to combat heat loss and draughts by providing natural, convective, warm air currents that work to fill a room.

It is an ideal way to generate heat when wall space is minimal or a heat curtain to a doorway is required, making it great for cold surfaces, such as outside walls and glazed areas.

It is also serves as an ideal way of heating an area without losing valuable floor or wall space. The in-floor installation of natural convection trench heating offers a superb alternative to conventional radiators.

Estimate the heat output you’ll need in your conservatory by using our heat calculator, then come into one of our radiator showrooms to see all our ranges and talk to one of our friendly experts.