First impressions count and the hallway is the first room we see when we enter the home. We want it to look and feel warm and welcoming for ourselves and our family and friends.

If the kitchen is the heart of the house (see our earlier article: Best Radiators for Kitchens), then the hallway is the main artery as it connects the rooms and it plays a key role in the even distribution of heat.

As we move from room to room, we want the warmth to be constant and we don’t want to feel a drop in temperature.

The hallway is unique and different from the other rooms in the home and so it follows that it needs unique consideration when it comes to heating it correctly.

It is a pathway, and so a high-traffic area as we walk from room to room.

The hallway is generally one of the smaller rooms. It has a unique shape and height, is usually long and narrow, and has stairs leading to the next floor.

Even the distribution of heat

An efficiently heated hallway is essential to creating an even distribution of heat throughout the home. If the hallway is inadequately heated, or not heated at all, then the heat from warm rooms will find its way to the colder parts of the home and the overall temperature will drop as the heat evens itself out.

Even if all the doors inside are shut, once opened, the warm air will escape and create a draught. Any cold pockets of air in the home could lead to condensation.

The best way to prevent this is to install a radiator that will emit the correct amount of heat.

To make sure you get the correct radiator size for your hallway, you can calculate the amount of heat required by using our online radiator heat calculator.

The finishing touch

Many of the radiators we supply come in different sizes, colours and finishes so you can tailor them to your individual requirements. You can maximise your available space and with the latest modern styles, such as the stunning Cortina range or the Slalom range with its unique, lattice-style, your radiator looks like a work of art, adding the finishing touch to the décor of your hallway and bringing it alive.

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