When it comes to building or renovating a property, there is so much more to incorporating radiators than just placing them as unobtrusively as possible or accepting that one of them will likely end up with a sofa in front of it!

Modern designer radiators are so attractive, they can be features in their own right. This means that when it comes to designing or renovating a room, they can become a key part of the plan rather than being treated as a necessary evil.

Fun and funky

If you are designing homes for clients who have a quirky sense of style, suggest using radiators as a talking point as well as being efficient sources of heat. We stock a number of models that are so impactful visually, you might even want to use them as the basis of your design.

Pajak Copper Radiator – perfect for industrial-style designs, this radiator is innovative, attractive and functional.

MOD-U – one for the art fans, especially devotees of Mondrian, who can play around with this aluminium mosaic radiator.

B2 – another radiator with the potential to be creative, and it comes in different sizes and colours, enabling you to play around with it depending on the size of room and the adventurous nature of your client.

Frame – modern artists like to experiment with different materials these days, so why shouldn’t a radiator be one of them? Italian artist Mariano Moroni was commissioned to come up with artistic designs for two radiators, proving that fine art can also be practical!

Sherwood – by putting together tubes in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours and finishes, and mounting them horizontally or vertically, Sherwood radiators look terrific in any room no matter how big or small.

Oslo – this radiator’s gently undulating tubes are extremely pleasing on the eye and come in single, double or criss-cross effect. It comes in a variety of heights and colours, so again will look great in any room!

If you are about to start a renovation or a new interior design project, why not visit one of our radiator showrooms in Bristol, Leamington Spa, Clapham, St Albans, Islington or Brighton to check out our designer radiators and talk to one of our experts about a world of possibilities.