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Why you must never buy a radiator online

These days we’ve got so used to buying goods online, we’re happy to click away with abandon and take the consequences if we’ve got it wrong. We can easily send back clothes that don’t fit properly, and if we’ve bought something that’s both small and cheap that we don’t like or no longer want by the time it turns up, we’ll no doubt throw it into the back of a drawer and not worry about the money we’ve wasted.

With the British spending more online than consumers from any other country, the majority of our customers simply expect that we’ll have a ‘click to buy’ facility on our website. But because there are so many compelling reasons why you need to buy radiators in person, we decided not to offer an online facility. Here’s why:

We need to make sure you have the correct product

In our experience, when it comes to DIY projects, consumers buying radiators for their own homes tend to get bamboozled by the technical requirements they need to take into consideration when buying replacement radiators. Calculating the heat output of a room is the main problem area because there are so many variables to take into account. The size of the room is just the start - you’ve also got to take into account the use of the room, the number of windows and doors, the draughts and insulation. Whilst you can get a rough idea of the output you need with our effective Heat Calculator (which will make it easier to estimate a total cost for your project), you do need to talk to a member of staff to get much more accurate figures to ensure you get the correct radiators and accessories.

You don’t want any delays in your project

Whilst we do keep a number of white radiators in our warehouse which can be delivered in a couple of days, because our designer radiators come in so many different colours and finishes, we simply do not have the room to keep everything we sell in stock. This means we have to wait for delivery from the manufacturers, which could take anything up to 6 or 8 weeks. If you order the wrong sized radiator, this could delay the completion of your work by a couple of months. By speaking to you directly when you order and getting your order right, we will make sure that delays like this will never happen.

We have showrooms in St Albans, Islington and Brighton where you will be very welcome to come in and talk to a member of staff who will ensure you order the correct radiators and accessories for your needs. Alternatively, call us for advic

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