The temperatures this winter have been yo-yo-ing somewhat between mild and cold, and the weather forecasters seem undecided as to whether the beginning of 2017 will be temperate or a snowstorm. But whatever the weather, designer radiators will keep your home nice and warm… not to mention looking fantastic!

However, it doesn’t matter how efficient your radiators are, there are things you can do to make your house even warmer and cosier. And the more steps you take, the more likely it is that you’ll be able to turn the heat down and save a bit of money in the process.

Don’t cover them up

It’s too tempting to put furniture in front of the radiator in order to make the most of the space, but if you do that, all the heat will go straight into the furniture, not the room. This means you’ll probably end up turning up the thermostat in order to get the room at a comfortable temperature, wasting a lot of energy.

Also, make sure the curtains don’t cover up any radiators under the window, otherwise you’ll lose a lot of heat.

Switch to a cheaper provider

Find out if you’re getting the best deal on your gas and electricity as you may be able to save money with a cheaper provider. If you’re tied into a contract, there’s no harm in asking your current provider if they can give you a better deal.

Are you entitled to help from the government?

People receiving a state pension should receive the Winter Fuel Payment. If you were born before 3 May 1953, check to see if your automatic payment has gone through.

If you’re not using a room, don’t heat it

There’s no point in heating rooms you don’t use, so turn the radiator off and close the door.

Be savvy with the timer

In a cold snap, don’t turn the heating up, set the timer so the heating comes on earlier, which is a more efficient way to maintain your ideal temperature.

Put the kettle on

If you’ve been sitting down for some time and have started to feel a bit chilly, make yourself a hot drink rather than turn the thermostat up. The Energy Saving Trust estimates that for every degree you turn your thermostat up will probably cost you between £80-85 a year, releasing an extra 340-350kg of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Getting up and moving around will also help warm you up. Alternatively, you could put a jumper on!

Go somewhere hot for a holiday!

Not strictly a money-saving exercise as you’ll be spending money on flights and hotels etc, but as you’re lounging next to a swimming pool, you can justify your holiday expense by thinking about how much you’ll save by not needing the heating!

If you’re thinking of changing your radiators, the Radiator Centre specialises in designer radiators which are efficient and functional, as well as a stunning focus for your room.