Radiators have been in existence for decades now, but only in recent years have people begun to diversify their homes with designer radiators. As with many designer products, hours and hours of work are spent creating a unique design which can differentiate itself from the current products on the market. With every great design comes a great name, and so we’re looking at a select list of designer radiators that have taken their inspiration from real life.

The first on our list is the Roma radiator. Vertical in design, our Italian-manufactured ‘Pill’ shaped radiator mimics traditional roman design, offering a sleek yet regimented alternative to your traditional radiator while proving to be one of the most solid and reliable designs out there. With a range of colours available, this particular design is highly adaptable to any space or style you might have in your home/office.


If you like the style of Roma but are looking for something more subtle, then your Reed radiator is an excellent choice. In true reed fashion, each tube is hollow, meaning this radiator has the added power of convection heat which travels through each reed, maximising heat distribution. Like a reed, this design is much less bulky than the Roma, proving to be a more delicate and sophisticated radiator.


Our next product is inspired by the ocean, resembling a synchronised ‘wave-like’ structure. In addition to its rhythmic sway, the Ocean radiator also has an added level of depth which provides a ripple effect. The radiator comes in a range of RAL colours, but if you fancy yourself as a bit of a silver surfer, then you might opt for the traditional silver gloss for that slick finish. They say that it’s the small details which create the perfect finishing touches and this design is a perfect option for creating a relaxing and comforting atmosphere.


Perhaps our most visually realistic radiator, the Bamboo radiator is one of our favourites. Similar to the Reed, the Bamboo design offers a thin and cylindrical look which truly reflects the tropical rainforests of Asia. The Bamboo gets its distinctive pattern from a random assortment of tubes, giving it its unique textured look…Just be careful if you’re housing any pandas as they might mistake this radiator for a delectable snack!


The last on our list this time is the Gong radiator. Asian inspired but manufactured by Eskimoo, a British company, the Gong is nothing like the other designer radiators in this blog. Each Gong radiator is completed with a hand finish so you can be guaranteed of an opulent and unique product, no matter the finish you choose. Unlike the other designer radiators, the Gong’s beauty comes from its simplicity: a clean, uncluttered and slate-like appearance. You have four colours to choose from if you’re looking for a radiator to emit a warm appearance or you want to add that stand-out piece to your modern home – either way you won’t be disappointed.

If you liked our selection of radiators, then let us know which is your favourite. There’s a much bigger selection across our website so feel free to take a look if you need any more information on designer radiators. Alternatively you can call us on 01727 840344 or email us at info@theradiatorcentre.com