These days, the radiator world is your oyster. Double glazing, insulation and heating technology have advanced so much that you can pretty much position your radiators wherever you like. This gives you a lot of options when it comes to designer radiators, because, presentation matters!

Default position – underneath the window?

There is a huge amount of debate and confusion about whether or not radiators should be placed under the window. Traditionally, that’s the space where radiators have been fitted, and we’ve all come to accept it as the norm. There are two reasons for this.

The first is about heat loss. Heat is lost through glass, so by putting the radiator underneath the window, the rising warm air counteracts the cold down draught and makes the temperature in the room more comfortable. This was particularly important when the majority of houses only had single-glazed windows as so much heat was lost through them.

The second reason is about practical – most people position their furniture against the walls, making it much more sensible to place radiators underneath the window where there was less likelihood of a sofa being pushed against it which would absorb most of the heat meant for you!

Presentation of designer radiators

The good news is that you’re now no longer confined to the space below the window on practical or aesthetic grounds. You can choose designer radiators of any size or style to fit in the space where you want to put it, whether that’s in a corner, an alcove, anywhere on the wall or even under the window. And because designer radiators are attractive features in their own right, you don’t necessarily need to find them a discreet space in order to keep them out of sight.

To make the most of the way you present your radiators, just follow the usual practical advice in order to optimise the use of heat, e.g. don’t place it where a long curtain will hang over it, make sure it’s away from furniture, etc.

Be creative

If your room needs a large radiator, think about using two smaller ones instead – as decorative features, they could be placed symmetrically, e.g. either side of the window, doorway or the furniture.

You no longer have to apologise for the appearance and presentation of your radiators – revel in it!