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When art meets heat, designer radiators are born

Modern designer radiators are ‘hot’ in both senses of the word! With cool, funky or classic designs and ultra-efficient heat, designer radiators have transcended their functionality and become works of Art in their own right.

But before you commit yourself to buying, how do you know you’ll like it? In the old days, all you needed to do was work out how big your radiator needed to be and order it. These days, the radiator itself will be an integral part of your room’s new style - maybe even the centre of attention - so you need to be sure it’s right for you.

And with modern designer radiators coming in all shapes, sizes, colours, patterns, finishes and materials, it’s almost an impossible choice!

Customers want to feel the goods

A recent study of shoppers found that customers prefer going to a shop to see and feel the goods. They do their research online, but want to make their final decision after they’ve seen the product in the shop. It also found that 90% of consumers are more likely to buy when helped by a knowledgeable member of staff.

So when investing in designer radiators, the simple solution is to visit one of our showrooms to see them ‘in the flesh’. You’ll not only get a feel of size, shape and colour, you’ll also get a good idea of how they compare with one another. Maybe you’ve seen The Big One and RT35 online, but aren’t sure which one you’d prefer. Rather than leave it to chance, see what they actually look like on the wall. You may be surprised by how much you prefer one over the other when you see them up close.

Our newest showroom in Islington was recently featured in Grand Design’s magazine where our collection was described as: “stunning, almost sculptural pieces in their own right”. The perfect place to discover the perfect radiator. Come and see them for yourself.

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