Designer radiators have radically transformed how you can improve the look of your home, but some people still worry that by going for looks, they’ll be compromising on efficiency. Well, in this case, you can have your cake and eat it too (or should that be ‘heat it too’). Yes, designer radiators can be attention seekers, but they’re also great heat providers, so you can rest assured that your home will be warm, cosy and stylish!

These days, radiators must comply with EN442, a European legal requirement whereby all radiators have to meet minimum standards of heat output, material thickness, pressure tests, paint quality, product labelling, safety, etc. The Manufacturers’ Association of Radiators and Convectors recommends that anybody buying a radiator should look out for the British Standard BS-EN442 accreditation on the packaging or the product to show compliance with the European construction products directive.

Jaga Heating

The Radiator Centre will only sell designer radiators with excellent heat output, such as the innovative Jaga Heating which is widely regarded as the country’s leading manufacturer of specialist energy efficient heating products, many of which have Low-H2O technology (‘low mass, low water content’) which reduces energy consumption by heating a room far quicker than other radiators, but will still maintain the temperature.


Zehnder radiators combine high-quality engineering with excellent finishing, which are perfectly co-ordinated to modern heating systems and systems to provide comfortable indoor ventilation with up to 95% heat recovery.


As more people recognise the importance of the environment, there’s a greater use of aluminium radiators which are low-water usage products. Aluminium is also a product which can be recycled and will give you faster heating times and faster cool down times, making it more efficient.

Make sure your designer radiator’s efficiency is optimal for your room by using our heat output calculator. Then visit any of our radiator showrooms to see for yourself how stunning designer radiators can look.