We recently launched our new website www.radiatorcentre.com with greater features, better brands and clearer prices. We asked customers what they would like to see from our new site and have made lots of new changes to help improve the experience.

Since then, our aim has been to give users a smoother experience and help them find the exact product they need. Here’s 4 things we’ve done to help:

A Cleaner Site

Our new website is now much cleaner and easier to navigate. We’ve grouped our product ranges into more relevant areas such as Traditional, Electric and Trench Heating radiators. Searching for your product is now much more accessible, as well as clearer product information to help give you as much information as possible.

New Heat Calculator

Our new heat calculator tool gives you an estimate of the watt and BTU levels your bedroom, bathroom or living room needs from your radiators. Simply enter the rough guidelines of your room dimensions and hey presto there you have it! Try it for yourself.

New Price Calculator

Each of our products now contain a price calculator to help give you an estimate for the type, size and heat output. Because radiator prices are bespoke to each size, style and type we wanted to make sure that visitors could get more of an exact figure rather than an unhelpful “prices from…”.

More Brands

We’ve also added many more top brands to our product ranges. Brands such as the popular Bisque designer radiators range with funky unique designs such as the Hot Spring, the Cobra Therm and Hot Hoop – Even the names sound modern! We’ve also added the more contemporary Jaga Heating designs with their fantastic-looking wooden radiators.

We hope you enjoy the new site and find exactly what you’re looking for. If you can’t then give us a call on 01727 840344 or drop us an email at info@www.theradiatorcentre.com.