Have you ever stopped to glance at a beautiful painting? What were your feelings during and after viewing these works of art? Research has revealed that looking at artwork that you consider beautiful can increase blood flow in a certain part of your brain by 10% – similar to gazing at a loved one. The research findings indicated that when individuals stare at Art, a landscape or a portrait, there is strong activity in the part of the brain associated with pleasure. The increase in blood flow directly correlated with how much an individual liked a work of Art. That is to say, the more you appreciate what you’re looking at, the higher your blood flow. Therefore, this research concluded that ‘beautiful paintings make us feel much better.’

Interestingly, some contemporary designer radiators have been created to look like works of modern Art which not only bring style and function to the world of heating, they add beauty too.

Simple ways a designer radiator can make you feel much better

A unique design that creates a special feeling: There is value in rarity or the unconventional.  As individuals, we tend to appreciate things that are unique because they create a special feeling in us. The research found that paintings from John Constable, the French neoclassical painter Ingres, and 17th-century Italian artist Guido Reni produced the most positive and pleasure response from the individuals in the study. These paintings made more impact because of their unique designs. Designer radiators such as Salice Nature work in a similar way.

The pleasant surprise factor: We all love a nice surprise that leaves us with a feeling good about life in general. Designer radiators are no exception as they come in awesome designs and shapes that leave you asking yourself: “Is this really a radiator or a Turner Award winning work of Art?” The Metacrylic designer radiator is a good example of a design that creates a pleasant surprise, especially for lovers of abstract Art.

Creates a world of possibilities: Have you ever imagined what you can achieve in life if you believed you can do anything. A designer radiator creates that feeling of ‘anything is possible’ with a bit of imagination and hard work. This is because our original impression or belief of how a radiator looks or can look has been quashed – and if you can do that with a radiator, you can do it with anything! A good example is the Frame Radiator, which is simply beautiful and is designed to create joyful optimism and stimulation. The Frame designer radiator is considered as part of the ‘arts meet radiator’ products. The ‘Arctic’ version of the Frame Radiator creates a world of possibilities with a design that combines grey and black lines which represent the coming together of the sea, land and sky.

The artistry of most designer radiators can bring pleasure and appeal like most works of Art. These radiators are a combination of beauty and function. Their unique designs can help you appreciate nature and life much better.  At The Radiator Centre, we have an array of designer radiators on display in our St Albans and Brighton Showrooms.

We’re also delighted to announce that our new showroom in Islington opens later this month. Our expansion shows how much people appreciate the beauty of designer radiators, which are as functional as they are attractive. Contact our helpful team for advice on designer radiators and direction to our radiator showrooms.