If you’re decorating a room, or you’ve decided it’s time to replace those old, outdated radiators, why not consider a floor-standing radiator? Once an old-fashioned choice, floor-standing radiators are seeing a rise in popularity at the moment and no wonder. Suddenly your heating fixtures are more than just radiators – they’re part of your décor! Why not add a talking point to your living room, bathroom, kitchen or hall with a floor-standing radiator?

Add period style with a cast iron floor-standing radiator

Whether you live in a period home, or you’d simply like an elegant, timeless look to complement your interior design, the traditional look of a cast iron floor-standing radiator is the perfect choice.

After all, nothing says period elegance like an authentic-looking cast iron radiator. You’ll find a range of period styles, from straightforward Victorian metal to richly coloured gold or bronze paint finishes. If you want a floor-standing radiator, cast iron radiators are statement pieces giving you all the elegance of a vintage look but with the convenience of modern radiators in terms of heat output.

You can even get curved cast iron radiators which have been designed to fit in a bay window! And if the look you’re going for is a vintage/modern fusion, you can get the elegance of traditional design and choose a bright, contemporary colour, giving you a statement radiator that will really bring your room to life.

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Modern and funky floor-standing radiators

If you love big windows and you love unusual design, our designer floor-standing radiators are for you.

Sitting low off the floor, they are ideally suited to conservatories or rooms with long windows as they provide you with the heat you need without spoiling the view. Our floor-standing radiators are also great for small rooms or awkward spaces and come in a wide range of colour choices.

If you love a warm seat…

We love multitasking radiators, which is why we sell wall radiators that masquerade as art or double up as mirrors. But how about a floor-standing radiator that doubles up as a seat?

The Old Skool Bench has to be the ultimate in radiator indulgence. An elegant design that’s reminiscent of cast iron radiators, it is topped with a solid oak seat.

Ideal for hallways, conservatories, kitchens and bathrooms, it’s a wonderfully quirky addition to your home and a great way to warm up after a walk on a frosty day.

Electric floor-standing radiators

Electric floor-standing radiators offer you even more versatility. If you have added an extension to your home, built a garden office or finished a loft conversion, electric radiators offer an easy and cost-effective solution to your heating needs without the expense and disruption of extending your central heating system.

If you’re installing your own solar energy, electric radiators make even more sense.

The Flow Form Electric is perfectly suited for conservatories and is just as efficient as the plumbed-in version. If you’re never sure where the best place for a towel rail is, the award-winning free-standing Scalleta Floor-Standing towel rail will mean you’d never have to make that choice.

Or if you fancy a funky statement piece that everyone will love, the Milano Electric Floor will be a great investment – you don’t even have to worry about what to do if you move home… just take it with you!

If you want to see some of our floor-standing designer radiators for yourself, visit the radiator centre showrooms and talk to our friendly experts about the best designer radiators for your home.