If you’re decorating a room, or you’ve decided it’s time to replace those old, out-dated radiators, why not consider a floor standing radiator? Once an old-fashioned choice, floor standing radiators are seeing a rise in popularity at the moment, and no wonder. Suddenly your heating fixtures are more than just radiators – they’re part of your décor! Why not add a talking point to your living room, bathroom, kitchen or hall with a floor standing radiator?

Add a little period style with a floor standing radiator

Whether you live in a period home, or you’d simply like an elegant, timeless look to complement your interior design, a floor standing radiator is the perfect choice. Nothing says period elegance like an authentic looking cast iron radiator, after all. You’ll find a range of period styles, from straightforward Victorian metal to richly coloured gold or bronze paint finishes.

No matter how you decorate, there’s a radiator for you

However you choose to decorate your room, a floor standing radiator will fit beautifully into your room. While they are standout choices for period decor, floor standing radiators come in so many shapes and finishes that you’ll find one to fit the most modern of rooms too. Why not add a quirky touch to a chilly corner with a free standing radiator bench?

Floor standing radiators make the most of your space

One of the benefits of floor standing radiators is that you can put them anywhere. So if you’re struggling to find wall space in a tiny bathroom, or you really want to use that perfect nook as a reading corner and not for heating, a floor standing radiator is a great choice. You can position them wherever you want to, freeing up your wall space.

If you want to create an eye catching feature or add some old fashioned style to your decor, a floor standing radiator is an excellent choice for you.