When it comes to heating our homes, one of the main concerns that we have is the efficiency of the system. With ever-increasing energy bills, finding a solution to the problem of maintaining a comfortable living temperature without breaking the bank is paramount in most people’s minds when selecting a way to keep warm. Thankfully, companies like Jaga Heating are fully aware of these issues and they’ve been working tirelessly to come up with an answer to this age old question.

Early days

Founded in Belgium in 1962, Jaga have been at the forefront of energy efficient heating for many years. They opened a UK division in Ledbury, Herefordshire in 1991 and are now widely regarded as the country’s leading manufacturer of specialist energy efficient heating products. Their Low H2) systems have been developed specifically with lower energy usage in mind, great for both our pockets and our environment.

A range of options

In fact, their entire product range works well with all modern boilers – allowing you the opportunity to enjoy lower utility bills regardless of your heat source. However, if you are thinking of really lowering your environmental impact, they have you covered too. With specially designed heating solutions for use with heat pumps and other low-temperature heating systems, Jaga are really looking to the future and pushing the boundaries of heating innovation.

Stunning looks

It’s also worth noting that they know a thing or two about aesthetics too. Just because they concentrate so heavily on lowering our energy consumption doesn’t mean that they have forgotten about the importance of style. All of Jaga’s on-show heating elements are designed to fit into (and even complement) the most modern of homes. So, if you are looking to do the right thing by the planet and save a few pounds in the process, look no further than Jaga.