If you want your living room to look great while staying cosy, why not consider choosing a radiator to match your décor? There are many choices available to make your heating fixtures a little bit different, allowing you to blend them with your room for a finish you’ll love.

Types of Living Room Radiators

There are many different types of living room radiators available on the market, each with its own unique advantages and disadvantages. Some of the most popular types of living room radiators include:

Traditional Radiators

Traditional radiators are a classic choice for living rooms, and they come in a variety of styles to suit any décor. Traditional radiators are typically horizontal, but there are also some vertical options available. Vertical radiators are a good choice for living rooms with limited space, as they take up less floor area than horizontal radiators. They are often used in modern or contemporary décor, and they come in a variety of styles, including panel radiators, column radiators, and towel rails.

Modern Radiators

Modern or designer radiators are sleek and stylish, and they are a great way to add a touch of modernity to your living room. They are often made from materials such as aluminium or stainless steel, and they come in a variety of finishes, including polished, matte, and powder-coated. Modern radiators can be horizontal or vertical, and they come in a variety of styles, including flat panel radiators, curved panel radiators, and electric radiators.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Living Room Radiators

Size and Heat Output

The size of your living room greatly affects the size of your required radiator. A small radiator will struggle to heat a larger room effectively and this may result in an unbalanced room temperature and long-term energy wastage. It’s important to calculate your heat output requirements to determine the most suitable radiator wattage for your room size.

Design and Aesthetics

Whether you want your radiator to blend in with its surroundings or stand out as a statement piece, there are tons of options available. Designer radiators come in a wide range of finishes and shapes, including vertical or even wave shaped. These beautiful vertical panels can look more like paintings than radiators, creating a striking centrepiece to your room while still keeping you warm.

Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficient radiators are essential for reducing your home’s carbon footprint and lowering your heating bills. Whether you need a high heat output or a lower one, The Radiator Centre offers a wide range of energy-efficient radiators to suit all budgets and styles. Some of our most popular living room radiators that are energy-efficient include:

Tips for reducing energy consumption

  • Program your thermostat to a low temperature when you are away or asleep
  • Close curtains and blinds on cold days to help keep heat in
  • Replace old or inefficient appliances with energy efficient models
  • Check your home for any signs of heat loss, such as gaps around windows and doors, and seal them up promptly.
  • Turn off lights and electronics when you are not using them.

Living Room Radiator Trends and Ideas

Living room radiators are more than just functional heating elements; they can also be stylish accents that enhance your décor. Here are some popular trends and ideas for incorporating radiators into your living room.

Trend 1: Embrace Pattern and Texture

Radiators don’t have to be plain and boring. There are plenty of options available with patterns, textures, and unique designs that can add a touch of personality to your living room. Consider a vertical radiator with a geometric pattern or a panel radiator with an interesting stone finish.

Trend 2: Play with Colour

Painting or staining your radiator can be a great way to add colour and personality to your living room. Choose a colour that complements your décor or use a bold colour to make a statement. You can also consider using a metallic finish for a touch of luxury.

Creative Ways to Integrate Radiators into the Decor

  • Add lighting – install shelves or sconces above or around your radiator to create a focal point and enhance the overall ambiance of your living room.
  • Incorporate mirrors – hang a mirror opposite your radiator to reflect the light and create a sense of space.
  • Embrace greenery – place potted plants or flowers near your radiator to add a touch of natural colour and life to your living room.

Choose from our range of modern living room radiators

Your radiator no longer has to be a white rectangle standing out against your carefully chosen living room decor. Instead, choose from the many different sizes, shapes, colours and finishes out there today, taking your radiator from simply a heating solution to a functional and beautiful addition to your living space.

Talk to us today about the perfect living room radiator or visit one of our showrooms to see which one would be the best fit.