When winter’s around the corner, you need to be sure that you’re heating your home as efficiently as possible. Inefficient heating means that heat will be lost, so you’ll be colder than you’d like and it will cost you more, too. When it comes to getting ready for winter, making sure you have the best-performing radiators possible is key to heating your home efficiently.

Radiators can be beautiful, but they should also be useful

With so many designer radiators on the market today, it can be easy to forget that energy efficiency also matters. Modern radiators are often sleek and aesthetically pleasing, but don’t overlook how energy efficient they are. When choosing radiators for your home, be sure to ask plenty of questions about their efficiency and running costs to make sure that the radiators you choose will give you the most usable heat for your money.

Radiators are becoming more efficient

Modern radiator designs are much more efficient than their predecessors. Time was – when you were thinking about how effective your heating system would be – you would focus on choosing a boiler with the best specifications. Now, the right radiators are every bit as vital. Choosing good quality radiators that have been designed with performance in mind is an important consideration when looking at your home heating.

Choose high output low water radiators

High output low water radiators are by far the best choice when it comes to heating your home. These radiators work well with environmentally friendly heating systems such as condensing boilers. A high output low content radiator complements a low temperature heating system perfectly, giving you radiators that heat up fast and adjust easily to changes in temperature. Nottingham City Homes even did some research into this and found that low water content radiators reduced energy bills the most.

Choosing the most efficient radiators will help you keep cosy in winter while keeping your bills down and being more environmentally friendly, too.

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