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Electric Radiators: Why should you go electric?

Electric radiators are becoming a more popular for householders, providing an alternative to traditional water-based radiators. 

And it’s easy to see why:

Flexible placement

Because electric radiators plug into wall sockets, they can be used anywhere electricity is available. Perfect for retrofitting in places where installing central heating pipes would prove too costly – conservatories would be a good example. 

Energy efficiency

Designer Electric radiators convert 100% of their energy into heat, compared with water-based models that lose heat as the water moves between the boiler and the radiators. 

An electric radiator can be controlled independently too, so it will heat only the room being actively used, unlike some central heating systems. 

Gone are the days of the old storage heaters that were big and bulky and never gave out the heat when they were supposed to.

This also makes them very popular with bathrooms: 

You can have a bathroom radiator with a “dual-fuel” setup to enable electric heating as well as central heating. This is perfect for getting your towels dry in the summer months.


Electric radiators are ‘stand-alone’ units (not connected to a system other than the power grid), so their continuing function is not reliant on successful upkeep of all the parts of a central heating system. 

And, since they have few moving internal parts, their fundamental construction reduces the chance of a failure. Studies show electric heaters last up to 50% longer than water based radiators.

Range of Styles

There is now a huge range of electric radiators on the market. Some radiators are purpose-built with internal thermostatic controls, timers, etc., but increasingly there is demand for some radiators to be retro-fitted with electric elements in order to keep them in the same style of any existing radiators. This means that a wide range of electric steel column, designer and cast iron radiators can now be installed in the home.


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