As kitchen designers, we can be a bit precious about anything that interferes with the sleek lines of a beautifully installed kitchen! Radiators in particular can look incongruous in the midst of a minimalistic kitchen.  We also tend to try and use all the available wall space to maximise storage, leaving little room for heaters.

Yet many customers do specify that they want a radiator and fortunately, nowadays it is possible to find contemporary, stylish radiators which complement rather than detract from the kitchen design.

The majority of kitchens we install at KDCUK are from German kitchen specialist Schüller. They are modern and contemporary in design featuring sleek, clean lines (see pic below) and from an aesthetic point of view we believe it is important that any radiator is equally contemporary.

How To Match Your Radiator With Your Kitchen

It is important to think about what material the radiator is made from; stainless steel complements cooker hoods and door handles etc. whilst aluminium is light and so a good choice for stud walls.

Our kitchens come in a range of colours and finishes including wood, gloss lacquer and matt laminate. With today’s bespoke, designer radiators it is usually possible to match the colour of your kitchen units and radiator exactly; in fact you can even buy low-energy aluminium radiators like the bisque radiators or wooden radiators!

Kitchens are generally heated to a cooler temperature than living spaces because the oven and appliances create heat and you tend to be moving about. However, many kitchens combine a living space and so it is important that you consult a professional kitchen designer or radiator specialist to figure out exactly how much heat you will require and where you want to place your heat source.

Mark Constantine is from kitchen design and installation company KDCUK based in Cheshunt, Herts.

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