We live in a world of ‘stuff’. Companies are coming out with new gadgets and ‘must haves’ all the time. But many of us don’t like clutter and find joy in living in a minimalist way. Why has an entire wall taken up with bookshelves when you have access to all those books on just one tiny e-reader? Why have a separate blender, mixer, grinder, juicer, kneader, slicer and shredder when you can have them all in one compact food processor? Why have a full length mirror and a radiator when you can have just the one mirror radiator?

If you’re looking for ways of creating minimalist space in your house, or are limited on the amount of space available, by using objects that have a dual purpose, you can create more space.

Advantages of mirror radiators

Space – The obvious advantage is that you can save on the amount of wall space you’d need for both the mirror and the radiator. This is especially useful in smaller rooms, such as bathrooms and dressing rooms where you’re more likely to need a mirror but less likely to have enough space to put it on the wall.

Looks – Aesthetically, a mirror radiator will mean you get a lovely warm room without the use of a visible radiator. The Spekkio mirror radiator comes with its own picture frame-style surround and comes in a large number of colours and finishes, which will allow it to fit in with your interior design theme.

Light – The addition of a mirror in any room will help you make the most of the natural light. A mirror will reflect any light and bounce it into parts of the room that are not covered by sunlight coming through the windows. This will help the room look bigger and also save on electricity bills as you probably won’t need to turn the lights on so much. This makes mirror radiators perfect for hallways and attics as well as north facing rooms that don’t get to see so much sun.

Bringing the garden inside – By clever placement in your conservatory, your mirror radiator will not only keep you warm, but you’ll also be able to enjoy greater views of your garden, even when it’s too cold to be outside. If you’ve built a garden office but were unable to extend your central heating system to service it, check out the Supermirror Electric which gives you all the heat efficiency you need, as well as greater control through a phone app. You can keep an eye on the flowers in your garden whilst you work, with an additional advantage that on cold winter mornings you can turn the heating on in your office while you’re still nice and cosy in bed!

If you would like to know more about our designer mirror radiators and find out which one will be best for your space, please feel free to contact us, or visit your nearest showroom as soon as the regulations allow.