If you don’t have a lot of space, you’re not going to want to install a radiator that projects into the room. A slimline radiator is perfect for situations like this. With less depth, it saves space and makes the room feel a bit less cluttered and elegant at the same time.

To give you an idea of the depth of a slimline radiator, cast iron radiators such as the Princess have a depth of 128mm. ‘Bog standard’ double panel radiators are usually around 105mm in depth, and single panel radiators are around 77mm. Slimline radiators have roughly the same depth and projection as single-panel radiators, though can sometimes be even slimmer.

Designer slimline radiators

Many of our designer radiators are slimline, and their beautifully finished designs can give the illusion they’re even more discreet. For example, the Niva soft has an 80mm projection, but the rounded edges enhance it and make it look even slimmer. As a flat radiator, it’s great for spaces like hallways and bathrooms (there is also an optional towel rail). If you are looking for a slimline electric radiator, the Niva E-panel has a depth of 73mm and, as it comes in a range of sizes, it’s perfect for almost any room.

For a designer radiator with more detail, check out the slim panels of the Pioneer, an attractive brushed or polished stainless steel which will look great in a modern setting.

Something a bit different

If you’re looking for something more unconventional, the Livingstone range offers slimline radiators with an unusual twist. They’re constructed using reclaimed marble dust which not only makes them sustainable (the radiators themselves are completely recyclable), but also means that they can be moulded into patterns and shapes that look less like radiators and more like a design feature. For example, the Livingstone Aperoso, which has a projection of 70mm, is covered in geometric honeycomb shapes, whereas the Livingstone Frosk is decorated with the imprint of a leafy branch – perfect for nature lovers!

Alternatively, make your slimline radiator a focal point with the Frame art radiator. Colourful abstract art that will brighten up the room as well as utilise the wall space, giving you more choices about where to place your furniture.

If you would like advice on which slimline radiator would work best for the space you have available, please contact us, or visit your nearest radiator showroom as soon as the regulations allow.

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