With the new year approaching, you might want a new look for your bedroom. If your style has changed or you’ve outgrown your current décor, it’s the perfect time to redecorate. And gone are the days when your radiator sticks out from the rest of your décor. A designer bedroom radiator can be both functional and stylish to enhance the cosy atmosphere of your room as well as its aesthetics.

In this blog, we discuss the best radiators for your bedroom and provide tips on how to make the right choice.

Importance of Efficiency in Bedroom Heating

Bedrooms are one of the most important rooms in the house to heat efficiently. It’s where you rest your head at night so it needs to be warm and cosy, especially as temperatures drop. And waking up in a cold room is horrible, so make sure your bedroom is well-heated.

A bedroom radiator will provide sufficient heat to keep your room at a comfortable temperature throughout the night. This ensures a good night’s sleep even on the coldest nights.

Exploring Designer Bedroom Radiators

Arcadia: The Space-Saving Mirror Radiator

Where space is limited in your bedroom, this mirror radiator is ideal. Its slimline stylish design can be placed in a bedroom with limited wall space. The Arcadia Mirror Radiator has dual functionality combining the function of a radiator and a mirror. The reflective effect of the mirror can also help to make your room feel bigger. And since it is mounted on the wall, it won’t take up any unnecessary space. You will also be able to customise it in a colour that suits your bedroom and your style.

Cortina: Metallics Are In

As much a piece of art as a radiator, the Cortina Radiator exhibits clean lines and gleaming elements that are sure to make it a talking point in any room. If you’re a fan of metallics and funky designs then this is the perfect radiator for you. Not only is it made of high-quality aluminium, this bedroom radiator is also available in vertical and horizontal options. And you can also get an electric version.

Well: The Subtle Stone-Like Radiator

The strong visual impact of the broken and cracked stone effect, as if crafted from the rock, makes the Well Radiator a unique ‘stone’ radiator. Its surface patterns of light and dark tones alternate with the light, constantly offering a different perspective whenever you look at it. The material used is recycled marble giving it a warm textured look while maintaining its simplicity. It’s ideal if your style is minimalistic, stylish and contemporary as this radiator will blend into bedroom décor effortlessly.

Frame: Art Radiators for Modern Enthusiasts

If you’re a fan of modern art, you’ll love the Frame range of art radiators. Designed by artist Mariano Moroni to hang on the wall, it’s simultaneously stunning and practical, and will be great to wake up to every morning. If you want your bedroom to have a contemporary vibe, this range of radiators will be the perfect addition. You can customise the design on your radiator to almost anything, from personal photos to famous artworks, so your radiator can double as a stunning art piece or family portrait. They are also vertical bedroom radiators so they won’t take up any extra space in your bedroom.

Tuba Classic: A Modern Twist on Victorian Design

For a more traditional look, the Tuba Classic is a modern take on the Victorian cast iron radiator design. Whatever the size of your bedroom, the Tuba Classic will be custom sized to provide the optimal amount of heat, and with nearly 200 colours and finishes to choose from, you won’t be stuck finding something that fits in perfectly with your dream design.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Bedroom Radiator

Consider your Bedroom Size and Layout

Determine the required heat output for your bedroom using a BTU (British Thermal Unit) calculator. This will depend on the room’s size, insulation levels, and window size. Consider placement when installing your radiator to make the most out of your room space and to get optimum heat distribution. For smaller bedrooms, vertical radiators can save space.

Match Radiator Design with Overall Bedroom Aesthetics

Choose a radiator style that complements your bedroom’s décor. Traditional column radiators suit classic interiors, while sleek panel radiators match modern designs. Select a colour and finish that fits in with your bedroom’s colour scheme and appeals to your style.

Energy Efficiency and Heating Requirements

Opt for energy-efficient radiators with high TRV (Thermostatic Radiator Valve) compatibility to control heat output and save energy. Hydronic radiators connect to the central heating system, while electric radiators provide independent heating. Choosing efficient bedroom radiators will help you to get the most out of your radiator while saving on energy bills.

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