Who knew a designer art radiator could affect our lives? Even radiator makers understand how important creativity is to us and the way we live. Indeed, from our experiences of lockdown, this year we’ve discovered how important it is to connect with all forms of creativity, whether we’re doing or experiencing it.

Creativity isn’t just picking up a paintbrush and producing something worthy of being hung in an art gallery. It encompasses all aspects of our lives, such as cooking, gardening and DIY, as well as doing arts and crafts. Without other people’s creativity, we wouldn’t be inspired – there’d be no novels to read, no film and TV to entertain us, no music to listen to… Creativity is nourishment for the soul and makes our lives a little bit warmer.

The creative warmth of art radiators

You can gain inspiration from creativity in surprising ways, and designer art radiators will really help you unleash your warm creative side. In fact, there is a designer radiator, the Heatwave, that’s a real life work of art and can be seen in New York’s Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum. Unlike most gallery exhibits, the Heatwave is available to buy – not quite as expensive as an original Van Gogh, but if you love practical art you may want to invest!

More affordable are the abstract designs of the artist-created Frame radiator that will literally provide a hot topic when guests come to visit. The controls are hidden behind the steel ‘canvas’ so it looks just like a stunning work of art… because that’s exactly what it is!

Alternatively if you like nature in your art, we have a range of Nature Radiators such as the Ribes, which depicts the branch of a current bush reaching across the background. The Nature Radiators are beautifully simplistic in design and look absolutely stunning. If you like the relief work but would prefer something a little more abstract, the Metacrylic comes in a range of designs and colours that will really stand out, and bring out your colourful side with the cut out acrylic overlays that contrast with the radiator base.

Other art radiators use shape rather than decoration to mark them as works of art. The stunning Surf is a simple, almost breathtaking  shape that’s so beautifully designed you won’t be able to take your eyes off it!

Sadly we are not able to show all of our art radiators at all of our radiator showrooms, so check on the product page where it is available to view. The good news is that all of our showrooms are open for business, albeit by appointment only, and with safety measures in place. Click here to find out more.