In the old days, you got what you were given when it came to radiators – there was only one style and everyone had it if they wanted a warm house. Which is why, in the majority of houses, the radiators are the same, boring white metal rectangles in every room. We’ve simply got used to putting up with them because they’re a utilitarian necessity. But it doesn’t need to be like that, and there’s no reason that you have to have the same style of radiator in every room. Every room is different, so why not mix and match designer radiators and traditional radiators to suit each room.

Renovate one room at a time

A lot of people buy a new home with the intention of renovating it one room at a time, as and when they have the time and money to make it happen. By using the same philosophy with your radiators, you can really bring out the warmth and character of each room. It can be as long a time gap between rooms as you’d like, as there’ll always be a beautiful radiator that’ll fit in perfectly with the design. By mixing and matching your radiators, you’ll have the additional advantage of knowing that you won’t need to worry about the expense of replacing all the radiators in the house in one go, which means you can afford to splash out a bit more on the individual radiators you’ll really love.

Traditional radiators

Traditional radiators are great for period properties or to help you create a cosy feeling in the room. There are a number of different designs to choose from so, for example, you can go full Victorian with the hand-built Cupid which is a reproduction of a design from the 1890s, complete with a design that unites cherubs, lions and dragons. For a modern take on the traditional radiator, the Tuba Classic has a smoothness that places it in the modern era, but with more than just a nod to Victorian designs. If you have a narrow room or need to install your radiator in a tight corner, the Spartan 2 Column radiator combines tradition with modernity and space-saving slenderness, and with a range of colours and finishes this will suit virtually any interior design.

Designer radiators

For a modern, contemporary feel, there’s a huge range of designer radiators that’ll look great in any room, whether you’re going for a conventional look, ultra-modern, industrial, arts inspired, or something that reflects your individuality. The Decoral is a designer take on the conventional radiator style, with attractive panels and a great finish that’ll grace any room. Add a bit of sway to the room with the Oslo, a visually stimulating design with criss-cross curves or single waves – great for a room where you’ve got fun activities planned. Alternatively, create a more industrial feel with our Designer Aluminium Radiators which are made up of chunky tubes that will form the centre of attention.

If creativity is important to you, an art radiator in the room where you spend a lot of time will be a great investment and will feed the soul, as well as keep you warm – Leonardo da Vinci invented many useful and practical things and created a lot of beautiful art, but even he never got round to combining the two!

For individuality, you cannot beat the Livingstone range of radiators. The production process enables you to choose from a range of different designs that will suit your individuality and grace any room, with great sustainability credentials as an added bonus.

Whatever you want to do with each room, there’s a designer radiator that will be perfect. And when you mix and match, your personality will shine throughout your entire home.