There’s nothing like that lovely cosy feeling when you get out of the shower and wrap yourself in a towel that’s been keeping warm on a radiator. Now that the cold weather’s here, designer radiators for bathrooms will keep your room as hot as it looks! Here are our suggestions for the best designs for your bathroom or shower room.

Heated towel rails

Heated towel rails are designed to be practical, but they don’t have to be boring. Designers have been coming up with exciting and eccentric designs that will make bathtime even more fun.

The latest addition to our towel rail range is the unusual Bubbles. Coming in any of the RAL colours, it will be a playful addition to the room, as well as a bit of a talking point with guests (at least it will be when guests are finally allowed back into our homes).

A towel rail that has proved a massive hit is the Pajak, an innovative industrial-style design. With its distinctive copper piping and wooden knobs to hang towels on, it brings steampunk style into bathrooms of all sizes. What’s more, it also comes as an electric radiator, so it can be used in conservatories, attic conversions, garden offices and other rooms that aren’t connected to your central heating system.

For a more traditional towel rail, in a design that still stands out from the crowd, try the Nausica which has elliptical tubing for a more substantial, chunky look. As it comes in a number of finishes as well as colours, you’ll be able to create a combination that fits in perfectly with your bathroom design.

If you’re not sure whether you want a cast iron radiator or a towel rail – and don’t have enough space for both – you’re in luck. The Buckingham is the ultimate compromise, combining the heat and beauty of a radiator with the practicality of having enough rails on which to dry your towels.

Designer radiators with towel rail option

The other option for your bathroom is to install a designer radiator that has the option to fit a towel rail, so you get all the beauty and warmth of a radiator with the practicality of having somewhere to hang your towel.

The Livingstone Woody is made from recycled marble that has been patterned with grainy textures to look like wood. It looks absolutely stunning in any room and will suit a bathroom very well indeed.

If copper or brass colours would make your bathroom look stunning, the patinated finishes on the Gong radiator will add a touch of class. And if your bathroom or shower space is particularly small or awkward, the Gong can be made in a bespoke size to fit your space.
Radiators that multitask are extremely practical. The SuperMirror is both a radiator and a mirror, and the addition of a towel rail triples its usefulness.

For something that looks more like a standard radiator – although it is a lot more attractive – the Vela has the option of a wrap-around towel rail that enhances the design still further.

Alternatively, the Niva has an understated elegance that will bring warmth into your bathroom in terms of both style and heat. And it has a range of towel rail options that will allow you to personalise your bathroom even more.

If you’d like to see these and other models for yourself, and get advice about the best model and size for your needs, visit your nearest Radiator Centre showroom.