A new interior design trend has become popular in the UK, and it’s not hard to see why. ‘Japandi’ merges the best of Japanese Zen with the best of Scandinavian chic to create a new calming, simple style that embraces the natural world.


Natural materials play a big part in both Japanese and Scandinavian design trends, and the use of wood and bamboo is integral to the Japandi look. Whether they are used for flooring, walls, stairs or furniture, highly crafted wooden elements give a room an inviting and relaxed atmosphere. The addition of house plants and flowers will help to heighten the natural look, at the same time as improving the well-being of occupants, thanks to their mood-enhancing and stress-reducing qualities.

When it comes to walls and furnishings, use natural colours in the room, whether they’re inspired by nature or colours that occur naturally, e.g. stone, copper, etc. With their long dark winters, Scandinavians tend to prefer light, neutral tones that enhance the brightness of a room when choosing colours for their walls, ceilings and furnishings.

When it comes to heating your Japandi-style room, there can be no better designer radiator than the Bamboo, which will fit perfectly with the themes of Japan and nature. Efficient and effective, it will help keep your room warm, welcoming and very stylish.


Less is more when it comes to embracing the minimalism of Japanese design combined with the simple, clean lines of Scandinavian interiors. You want your room to be functional but not overcrowded in order to keep it spacious and ‘clean’. And with the focus on just a few pieces of furniture, it’s a great idea to invest in high-quality, crafted furniture and fittings.

If you are looking for a designer radiator that is beautifully simple and will fit perfectly amid the clean lines of your Japandi room, the Surf is the one to go for.  Understated and elegant, it will add warmth to your design as well as your room.


Bringing natural light into the room is a big part of the Japandi design ethos and will open up the space even more. Large windows and skylights will welcome in the daylight as well as give you great views of the garden which will complement the natural styling.

For rooms with patio or bifold doors, trench heating is the ideal way to keep warm as it provides a ‘heat curtain’ between the outside and the inside. It also solves the problem of where to place the radiator, leaving you more wall space for your Japandi design.


Add warmth and personality with patterned accessories and textures that will give the room greater depth. Used sparingly, they will make the room more interesting and welcoming without detracting from the minimalistic look.

The Livingstone range of radiators provides a number of geometric and nature-inspired textures and patterns that will fit in well with your Japandi-style room. As they are made from the marble powder produced during the marble-cutting procedure, they also have sustainable and natural credentials that are perfect for the Japandi ethos.