Why Choose Stainless Steel Radiators

If you’re upgrading your heating and looking for something eye-catching and efficient to heat your home, stainless steel radiators are a great option to consider. Available in contemporary and stylish designs, colours and finishes, they offer the ultimate solution in designer heating.

Efficiency and Long-lasting Heat

The best thing? They don’t only look fabulous, but they also provide exceptional heat conduction with the added benefit of taking longer to cool down. So they’ll continue to heat your rooms even after you’ve switched your heating off. They are built to be hard-wearing and are easy to clean and maintain which is a great feature because they won’t rust or corrode with repeated contact with water. Add to this that they are eco-friendly and 100% recyclable, and you have a versatile solution to modern heating which is suitable for all plumbing systems.

Explore Our Designer Stainless Steel Radiators

At The Radiator Centre, you are spoilt for choice with our range of superb designer stainless steel radiators. With five exclusive styles available, there is a model suitable for every room in the home.

Innovate Range: Classic Elegance

The Innovate range offers a classic stainless steel radiator in either a brushed or polished finish. Its strong, defining lines add to the luxurious quality and make it a bold choice for any modern home. Available in vertical and horizontal models, this is an elegant radiator with superior output and delivery can be arranged within seven days.

The Sleek and Stylish Arc Radiators

The Arc is one of our most popular stainless steel radiators and can be supplied in vertical or horizontal models to suit your room dimensions. Sleek, stylish and with rounded edges, Arc radiators come in a brushed or polished finish. As one of our most popular lines, we keep them in stock so they can be with you in two working days. If you’d like a painted finish to fit your colour scheme, there are all the colours of the rainbow to choose from with delivery in two weeks.

Pioneer Range: Ultimate Contemporary Design

For the ultimate in contemporary radiator design, look no further than the Pioneer range. Supplied in brushed or polished stainless steel, it has the advantage of being available in 10 different sizes with the option of horizontal and vertical models. The super shiny polished finish is a must-have option for the sophisticated, modern home.

Twister: A Unique Stainless Steel Radiator

If you are looking to create a feature with your stainless steel radiator, the Twister is the one for you. This truly unique design combines highly polished and brushed stainless steel bars which are twisted to create a radiator like no other! Coming in three different sizes with the option to choose the complexity of the twists, this is a work of art with the technology to heat your room too.

Veneto Range: Glamorous Vertical Radiators

Top class heating is offered with the Veneto range of vertical stainless steel radiators. Glamorous and luxurious, they come in a choice of five different heights in the standard brushed finish or a polished finish if preferred. Adding style and class to any room, this is the way to make a contemporary design statement.

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