There are lots of reasons why you might be considering buying an electric radiator or installing a full electric heating system. It’s possible that you live in an area where there’s no mains gas and you’d rather not go down the oil route.

Or you may live in a listed property which has accessibility issues and gas plumbing isn’t a viable option. Equally, you may also live in an apartment and are looking for a reliable heating source without the need for a fully plumbed-in heating system.

Electric radiators also provide an ideal solution for space heating and topping up temperature levels in certain areas or rooms in the home or if you don’t want the cost of heating the whole house.

Whatever your reason, when you begin to look at your options, you will discover that electric radiators come in a huge range of styles and sizes and have many energy-efficient features and benefits which will help you to prevent wasted energy, track your consumption and manage your energy bills more closely.

Trouble free installation

One of the most important features of electric radiators is that they are super easy to install. With DIY friendly instructions, you don’t need to be a qualified electrician or plumber to install them.

With the added benefit of no annual checks required, once you’ve put them in, you can turn them on, get cosy and enjoy trouble free economical heating from the start.

Energy efficient heating

With modern electric radiators, you can lower your heating bills with their energy saving technology and be sure of super efficient heating too.

Their quiet working mechanisms make them unobtrusive and you can also choose one with heat-retaining fluid or a ceramic plate which means it won’t go cold as soon as it’s switched off and you can enjoy some extra warmth knowing that your heating bill isn’t going up.

A design for every taste

You will have lots of choice in style, design and size when you choose your electric radiators, depending of course on where you will be installing them. We have a huge range with plenty to suit all tastes.

From the slimline Niva E-Panel, which comes in horizontal and vertical models, plus thirteen sizes and a huge range of colours to the Gong Electric with its contemporary design and high tech features, there’s something for everyone and every room.

Modern functionality

Controlling your modern electric radiators couldn’t be easier with many of them offering thermostatic controls and digital programming. You will also find that some have intuitive built in presence and absence detector systems to help with energy and cost saving.

Remote control via a wireless receiver is also available with the top of the range models such as the glass panelled Campaver Ultime Electric.

These are controlled via an app on your smart phone for the ultimate in controllability inside or outside of your home and have the added benefit of giving usage statistics which will help you to track how much energy you are using and ultimately save money.