Are you looking for some inspiration and creative interior design ideas for your living room? We’ve been taking a closer look at this year’s trends and matching them up with designer radiators that will complement your style.


According to the Real Homes design website, blue is the new grey, and other colours like matt pink and Tranquil Dawn (the Dulux colour of the year 2020) which is ‘soft and neutral’ green are the on-trend colours this year. Using cream colours as well will ‘soften’ these colours. You can easily achieve this with a cream or neutral-coloured radiator such as the Well or the Trendy radiator which combines imagination with simplicity and will complement these colours perfectly.


Texture is a big theme for 2020, and adding cushions, blankets and plants would create some wonderful areas of interest in your living room design. Add some fabulous texture with the incredible Gransasso radiator with its rock-like texture, or the Cortina radiator which is made up of beautiful shades of polished, painted, matt and satin tiles for a very modern feel.

Traditional prints like chintz

Chintz is making a return in the form of traditional prints against a light background; and these prints work well with contemporary furniture. And to complement this flowery theme, there’s the lovely Frosk and Salice Nature radiators which are both inspired by nature.

Creating more sociable spaces

Even before we’d heard of ‘self-isolation’, many people had realised they preferred staying in more instead of going out, with a consequent trend to create ‘a relaxed, smart bar-like feel at home’. Many will create ‘outrooms’ in the garden, with bar carts, cocktails chairs and bar decorations like neon signs. While we may not have a radiator that can double up as a cocktail bar, you can keep your garden bar warm without the expense of hooking it up to your central heating system with a classic and stylish electric radiator, such as the Vela Electric.

Shopping responsibly and sustainably

With so much emphasis on the environment, the current trend is to buy furniture from sustainable and recycled materials and radiators manufacturers have come up with just the thing! We stock the stunning Livingstone range which is made from recycled marble – just take a look at the Woody, or go one step better and combine sustainability with texture and opt for the superb Gransasso radiator.


Instead of minimalist interiors there is now a trend away from clean, bare interiors, opting for more flamboyant décor and patterns instead, with  the bold colours and mismatched furniture. Enhance this look with the fabulous range of Frame radiators which look like wall art or the bold and colourful Cortina radiators.

A darker version of Scandi-style

As well as the classic Scandi-style there is now the Nordic which is Scandi but with ‘a slightly darker, moodier’ twist. This means you have all the light wooden furniture, but with a gothic feel. If this style’s for you, then have a look at the sleek Vela radiator in anthracite which will bring that Scandi simplicity with the darkness that brings your living room to life.

Statement ceilings

Be bold with your use of colour and create a statement ceiling. Although we don’t suggest you try to hang a radiator from your ceiling, there are some stunning eye-catching radiators that will match the style and quirkiness of your statement ceiling and get your family and friends talking! As well as the Frame and Cortina radiators there’s the unique and dramatic Pajak radiator which truly makes a statement!