One sure way to dazzle your family and friends with stunning interior design is to have a chrome designer radiator. The lustrous metallic finish of these designer radiators will give any room a modern sleek finish and add to the sense of light and space.

So, what exactly is a chrome radiator?

Chrome is used in designer radiators in two different ways. The most dazzling designer radiators are chrome-plated towel-rail radiators which are used in bathrooms and kitchens.

Towel-rail radiators such as the Space Bow Electric are sophisticated and stylish, and they add a touch of luxury that will complement the traditional or contemporary design of your room.

Chrome is a hard and shiny metal which is resistant to corrosion, so it’s perfect for any room that gets hot and steamy!

But that’s not to say chrome designer radiators should not be placed in other areas in the home. The wonderful light-reflecting properties of chrome plating will make any room look brighter and bigger, and give the illusion of space which gives a modern contemporary feel to the room.

The unique Hot Spring chrome designer radiator reflects patterns and light, and its dramatic shape gives the impression of movement up and down the wall. Its innovative design adds flair and creativity.

Being vertical, this stylish radiator can fit into narrow spaces as well as being a central feature to any wall, so it’s sure to get your guests talking!

What about silver designer radiators?

If the brightness of a chrome designer radiator makes you want to reach for your sunglasses, especially if you need a designer radiator big enough to heat a larger room, then you can still achieve the bright sleek look, but you can dial down the brightness by opting for a silver designer radiator made from metal alloys such as stainless steel which are perfect choices.

Chrome is normally included in the metal alloy, but it is not used to create the shiny outer layer. If you are looking for a bigger radiator, but one that’s not quite so bright, then our range of stunning metal designer radiators give you some fabulous options to consider.

For a vertical designer radiator there is Tonda, with its eye-catching design, made from polished aluminium; the Slalom with its unique lattice design; the Ocean which is made from tubes that have shaped to look like ripples or waves; and the Veneto Stainless Steel radiator constructed from vertical strips of stainless steel with a polished finish to give a wonderful, luxurious feel to any room.

A perfect example of a beautiful, horizontal silver designer radiator is the Horseshoe Cube Horizontal in steel that has been created by bending flat steel bars. As well as looking modern and stylish, it has a large surface area which means it produces a fantastic amount of heat for its size.

Whether you want a chrome or a silver designer radiator, there are many fantastic radiators to choose from so dazzle your guests not just with the shine but also the design.