With the current spotlight on climate change, and in response to the demand for lower energy bills, radiators are becoming increasingly more energy efficient and are being made from sustainable materials.

Dual fuel and electric only

Dual fuel radiators are more eco-friendly and offer you a lot more flexibility and control than standard ones. They are connected to your gas central heating system in the same as standard radiators, but they can also be used to heat just one room when the central heating system is turned off for the rest of the house.

Most people use this facility for bathroom radiators. To heat a single radiator, you can use the electricity mode which saves you energy and money. The same applies to electric only radiators so you can heat each room more easily and only as you need it.

Increased energy efficiency

As energy bills rise, finding efficient and effective ways of heating a room is becoming increasingly important. We have a superb range of energy-efficient radiators which have stunning designer looks as well as the ability to maximise heat output with total safety.

They use leading energy-efficient low-H20 technology with a super conductive and ultra-fast heat exchanger to provide the maximum amount of heat from the minimum amount of energy. The radiators are perfect to extract the heat from newer green energy systems and heat sources, such as ground source heat pumps and air source heat pumps.

The discreet, slimline Linea Plus energy-efficient radiator was the first in our range of energy-efficient radiators. The later models are more stylish and powerful like the Mini Wall which has a flexible configuration and excellent heat outputs, while the powerful slim-line Synergy radiator exudes warm power and has a stylish aluminium grille.

For even more energy-efficient heat there is the Play which is also available in a ‘fan-assisted’ version. This is perfect for using with low temperature heating systems, such as solar energy systems and heat pumps.

It has the Dynamic Boost Effect (DBE) which is specifically designed to boost the power of these Low-H20 energy systems by two or three times, so you do not need to compromise on heat output or size when using green technology.

Sustainable materials

Good styling does not have to come at the expense of being eco-friendly. Not only are radiators more energy efficient, some are now being created using sustainable materials such as marble. The radiators in our fantastic Livingstone range are created from marble powder, which is a by-product of the marble cutting procedure.

The powder is mixed with water and other binding agents, placed into moulds by hand and left to dry naturally. At the end of the radiator’s life cycle, the marble can be crushed and recycled. So not only is the material a sustainable product, the manufacturing procedure is energy efficient because it uses less energy and has lower CO2 emissions.

Livingstone radiators are also available in electric-only versions. In addition, if you link your Livingstone radiator to your smartphone, you can control and maintain the perfect temperature of your home at all times, turning it down or off when you’re not at home which saves money on fuel bills as well as energy.