Bathrooms can be so much more than places to get washed and ready in the morning; they are places for relaxing, romance, and even for coming up with creative ideas – Archimedes famously had his Eureka! revelation when he got in the bath, so why can’t you?

To create a great atmosphere, what can be better than a warm and inviting bathroom with deliciously cosy towels? And to create warm towels, you need a towel rail. There are towel rails that act as a space-saving heater, or you could have one combined with a designer radiator – just don’t pile on too many thick towels!

Something for all tastes and styles

We have a fantastic range of towel rails to suit every type and size of the bathroom, from simple essential towel rails to designer towel rail radiators, traditional towel rails and stainless steel towel rails. They come in all shapes and sizes and are also available in a curved or flat design. There is now such a wide range of colours, styles and finishes, that there is something that is bound to complement your individual style.

Not just for the bathroom

Although we tend to think of towel rails as an essential bathroom item, they are also increasingly being used in kitchens, utility rooms and cloakrooms. You can create an interesting talking point with the highly innovative Pajak, which is made from copper pipe work. Its variety of joints and angles, together with hanging bars and wooden knobs, makes it a stylish and practical addition to any room.

There is also the popular Poll range, with its unique square section frame. It even has the option of horizontal instead of vertical bars. This exceptional range of towel rails can provide some impressive heat for your kitchen and is an excellent example of how a towel rail can combine heating with stylish practicality.

Thicker towels – no problem

We even have a range for the thickest of towels. The popular, elegant Adur, in polished, stainless steel, has a bow-fronted profile while the tall, versatile Beacon towel rail has many hanging spaces. Both are perfect for even the thickest of towels.

Suitable for even the smallest of spaces

Even the smallest cloakrooms need some warmth and a place to dry your damp hand towel, so we have a range of space-saving towel rails. For a touch of style, the Cinder is perfect for smaller bathrooms, cloakrooms and en-suites. If the room is very cold, there are even combined radiators and towel rails, such as the Buckingham, which can be mounted on the wall above the toilet or the sink.


These days there is increasing emphasis on climate change and the need to be eco-friendly. Many of our towel rails, such as the Poppy, are available in a dual fuel or electric-only version. In addition, there are also the stylish and elegant Belgravia and the traditional, brass Chelsea towel rails which have the added benefit of a concealed electrical element. These allow you to heat your towel rail electrically when the central heating is turned off.