Property values are always a big talking point, and if you know you’ll be selling your house at some point in the future, you’ll always be thinking about ways of adding value.

If you’re getting ready to sell your property, several well-known quick fixes will enhance its value and give you a better chance of selling quickly and for more than the asking price. Common advice includes giving rooms and woodwork a lick of fresh paint in a neutral colour, decluttering the rooms to make them look larger, tidying the garden and adding flowering plants to add colour and so-called ‘kerb appeal’.
These steps are relatively cheap and easy to achieve in the short term. But if you’re looking for more substantial and lasting ways to increase your property’s value and have the time and money to invest in it, then exploring ways to add value to your home through building improvements will pay dividends in the long run.

Longer-term fixes

You may see your property as more of an investment than a home but are still planning to live in it for a while. In which case, it’s worth looking at making a bigger investment in your enhancements so you can enjoy the benefits at the same time as adding value. It has been calculated that if you’re prepared to undertake the building work needed, you could add 30% value with a basement conversion, 15% with a loft conversion, 15% with a kitchen extension, 10% by adding a conservatory and 10% if you get planning permission for future improvements.

Big home improvements will also add value to your property – the more work you’re prepared to undertake yourself, the more desirable the property will be to buyers. This includes fixing any structural issues such as rising damp, subsidence, problems with the roof, cracks in the walls, etc.

Rewiring work will also add value, and if you’re going to do this, it’s also a good idea to add more socket points. More and more people are using technology to create smart homes, so even if you’re not planning to go smart yourself, this is a good time to make sure you fit everything that’s needed so buyers who do want a smart home can make it happen quickly and easily.

Temperature is a big consideration, and anything you can do to keep the property warm and insulated will add value. If your property is old, it’s more likely to be draughty, so make sure the loft and walls are properly insulated, and replace the windows with double or even triple glazing.

Adding warmth

It will also be worth considering replacing the entire central heating system by installing a new boiler and heat efficient radiators. Fitting modern designer radiators that enhance the aesthetics of each room will add even more value as well as giving it greater aesthetic appeal making it a worthwhile investment.

We stock a huge range of designer radiators and electric radiators that will help increase the estimated value of your home. Visit one of our UK showrooms to see examples and discuss the right style and calculate the correct heat output for your property.