Not many people buy a new property with the intention of making it their forever home. Many are too busy thinking about their next move; whether it’s going to be sooner or later, upsizing, downsizing or relocating, very few afford themselves the luxury of thinking they’ll definitely stay put for many years to come.

Unsurprising then that most homeowners make do with ‘bog standard’ radiators which do the job efficiently, but add nothing to the character of a room. A beautiful designer radiator isn’t as cheap as the more ‘standard’ models, so we understand that you may not see the point in investing in something you’d only benefit from for a couple of years.

But what if you could take your beautiful radiator with you when you go? That would then make the investment worthwhile.

Make it electric

Electric radiators are the most obvious answer. As a separate, standalone object, they are easy to install and easy to remove. Effective and efficient, with individual thermostat controls, designer electric radiators provide a stunning focal point to your room that you really won’t want to leave behind when you move.

The Pajak Electric will give your room an industrial feel with the added bonus of hooks on which to hang towels or dry your coat if you get caught in the rain. Alternatively, you might prefer to have a work of art on your wall with the Cortina Electric’s metallic tile pattern.

Smart radiators

Modern designer electric radiators are not only fantastically efficient and extremely attractive, some of them are also smart. They come with a wireless receiver enabling you to control them from your phone. And with up to 16 radiators connecting to one digital thermostat, you can stay on top of your heating needs wherever you are.

The Outline Electric is very smart, in both senses of the word. Sleek and deceptively simple, the design comes in a range of colours, or you can order a bespoke colour match.

If you are looking for something that also looks like a work of art, the Cliff Electric offers a range of patterns and colours. You can also get them made in bespoke sizes to fit your space, so don’t let the architecture of your current property thwart your ambition to combine beauty and heat.

Maybe you have a small bedroom that doesn’t have enough space for a full-length mirror as well as a radiator, in which case, the Supermirror Electric is the perfect compromise. Its highly polished surface is as good as a glass mirror, making this a smart radiator that will ensure you always look smart too!

If you like copper and brass tones, the Gong Electric is stunning, adding warmth – both in style and temperature – to your home. The hand-finished patination ensures every radiator has a unique look, making it an amazing feature in your room.

We have examples of all these radiators in our showrooms in St Albans, Brighton, Islington, Clapham and Leamington Spa, so please feel free to come and take a look, and talk to us about how practical electric designer radiators can be.