Making your home ‘smarter’ is no longer a complex task requiring you to hire a qualified electrician. If you are looking for ways of getting greater control over your heating and, more importantly, your heating bills, install a smart thermostat. If you want to save money by installing it yourself, you can buy home kits for around £150-200.

Smart thermostats connect to your heating system rather than your radiators, so it doesn’t matter whether you have modern designer or traditional radiators, you can always be in control.

What are the advantages of smart thermostats?


Your home will always be at the right temperature and you will be able to control everything from an app on your phone. There are two types of thermostats – the ‘whole-home’ thermostat is simpler to use, and you can still control each room’s individual temperature manually by adjusting the radiator valves.

However, the multi-room systems enable you to control not only the temperature in individual rooms but also the timers, which means you can set different times for the heating to come on in different rooms – perfect if different family members get up at different times!

Heat whenever you need it – If sometime head home unexpectedly early, you’ll never have to arrive to a cold house! You can turn the heating on from your phone as you leave work and you’ll be assured of a lovely toasty welcome.


Some smart thermostats will connect to your smart speaker, so you won’t even need to go and find your phone if you want to turn the heating up or down. Most work with Alexa, but not all voice-control systems are supported, so make sure you check you are getting a thermostat that is compatible with yours.

Less waste

Most smart thermostats will automatically turn the heating off if there’s no-one in the house. This is achieved either by connecting to everyone’s phones to check their location, or through motion sensors in the house.


By using the smart thermostat efficiently, it is possible to save enough on your heating bills for it to pay for itself in a few years.

While you’re thinking about installing the latest technologies to improve the efficiency of your heating system, why not pop into your nearest Radiator Centre showroom to talk to us about the best radiators to deliver optimum efficiency and style for your home.