This is a traditional time of year for people to look back on 2018 and reflect on their wins and successes. We’re delighted to report that we had a cracking year, mainly because we expanded our ‘empire’ by not one, but two brand new radiator showrooms!

In May, we made it easier for the residents in the South Midlands and the Cotswolds to create homes as beautiful as they are cosy with our new showroom in Bedford Street, Leamington Spa. Royal Leamington Spa is a picturesque town full of independent shops, making it an ideal place to sell designer radiators that are fit for royalty!

Then, less than a month later, we opened our fifth store, this time on Northcote Road in Clapham (although some people say it’s in Battersea). Northcote Road is a busy area filled with independent shops, restaurants, bars and other businesses, so we’re in great company. And it means we now have stores that cover both North and South London.

The Brighton showroom, besides the option of a bracing walk along the pier, continues to attract people from along the South Coast and beyond who need to improve their home heating. Brighton’s Regency houses, with their high ceilings and large, single-glazed windows, are notoriously cold when the wind blows off the sea. We are pleased that our radiators have helped so many stay warm!

St Albans and north London residents have less to worry about when it comes to biting southerlies but have still managed to throw up some interesting projects – canal barges, swimming pool complexes, eco-friendly mansions and a house with no straight walls.

All the showrooms have had their fair share of film and TV stars visit; a few well-known musicians, sportsmen, and a touch of royalty. Confidentiality clauses may well apply, so sorry, no names!


Designer radiators are a terrific investment for businesses that rely on looks to get customers. Independent and boutique hotels can benefit hugely and we have several hotels as corporate clients.

That’s why we exhibited at the Independent Hotel Show in October. It was a busy couple of days and we had a lot of interest from a range of bespoke hotels and not just from the UK; everything from B&B tree houses to 5-star luxury.

And business from abroad has grown substantially in the year as countries that to date have been less used to the wide range of heating options available, start to become more aware. In 2018 we have done our bit for the export market by shipping to New Zealand, east and west coast USA, Ibiza, Denmark, Spain and Portugal.

We are already looking forward to 2019 and the plans we have in place. There are new markets to discover. New radiators to announce. And, of course, new customers to meet.