When people are planning what their new room is going to look like, they often don’t even think about what kind of radiator they’re going to have. They just assume it’s going to be a bog standard model that’ll simply be part of the room, albeit in the background, probably something the builder organises and installs.

But, quite frankly, some designer radiators are stunning – just because they’re great at heating a room, doesn’t mean they can’t enhance the appearance of that room too. Designer radiators have been as practical as they are beautiful for many years, so it’s time they were put in pride of place when it comes to planning your new room.

It doesn’t have to be under the window

When radiators first came into popular use, the best place to put them was underneath the window as this was generally the coldest part of the room. However, double glazing and wall insulation are now so effective, that this is no longer necessary. These days, most of us have the option to place our radiators wherever we’d like to.

Don’t hide it

Many people put their sofa in front of their radiator as it means you don’t have to look at the radiator. However, this is extremely inefficient as the sofa hinders the effectiveness of the radiator, meaning your central heating has to work harder to keep your room warm. If your radiator is beautiful, you won’t want to hide it, and you’ll be able to position it where it will be most effective, saving money at the same time as creating a great-looking room.

Hot art

You’d have to be an ultra-minimalist not to want to hang pictures on the wall. But if the best part of the room for art is also the best place to hang the radiator, you’d think that would leave you with a dilemma. Not necessarily!  While all of our designer radiators are beautiful, some of them are actual works of art! An Art Radiator is a fabulous investment that will feed your soul at the same time as keeping you warm.

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