Edwardian-style radiators, part of our traditional radiators range, are a popular choice for many homeowners with period properties. They are design classics that will never go out of fashion, adding charm and sophistication to any room.

They may have been inspired by radiators from the early 20th century, but modern vintage-style radiators are effective and energy-efficient enough to suit our 21st-century heating needs. We even have some models that are electric, such as the Tuba, so you can control the heating from your phone and keep an eye on how much heat it’s using on your smart meter.

Number of columns

As Edwardian-style radiators are all column radiators, the larger the radiator your room needs, the greater the number of columns. For example, the Mercury comes in 2-column, 3-column, 4-column and 6-column options, giving you the opportunity to keep your radiator style consistent throughout your home, regardless of how large or small each room is.

Radiators with a larger number of columns will take up more space, but the heat output will be greater. It’s therefore important to take into account the size of the room and your priorities regarding the radiator. If the radiator is going to be the centrepiece of the room, then a larger radiator may work even if it’s in a smaller room, but otherwise, it may look slightly overbearing.

Radiator colour

If you can’t decide between a traditional radiator and a modern radiator, you can combine the two by the use of colour. All our Edwardian-style radiators come in a wide range of colours and finishes that will enable you to create a look that is subtle and classic or downright colourful and fun. From aged gold to cheerful pink, there’s a look for everyone.

The best thing about it is that if you change your mind about the colour at a later date, it is possible to repaint it. So don’t feel constrained by wondering if such and such a colour is a good idea in the long run – if you love it, get it! Changing your mind doesn’t have to result in a total replacement.

Relief patterns

The thing with the Edwardian radiator designers is that they wanted their radiators to look beautiful, which is probably why their relief patterned designs have been so enduringly popular for over a century. Some modern cast iron radiators are inspired by the Edwardian designs, and some re copies using the original moulds, so you can have that same feeling of classic opulence.

With a number of different cast iron radiator designs, there’s bound to be an Edwardian-style radiator that will look perfect in your home – whether you own a period property or a new build. Visit one of our radiator showrooms to see what the radiators look like ‘in the flesh’ and to talk to one of our designer radiator specialists about the best sizes for each room.