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21st Feb

Meet our new neighbours in Clapham

We opened our latest store in South London shop at 136 Northcote Road in Clapham/South Battersea last year, and thought it would be a nice idea to explore the area and get to know our new neighbours. Luxury…

17th Dec

Round Up Of 2018

This is a traditional time of year for people to look back on 2018 and reflect on their wins and successes. We’re delighted to report that we had an absolutely cracking year, mainly because we expanded…

17th Jul

Radiator maintenance jobs to do in the summer

In the current heatwave, you probably won’t be thinking about radiators at all, but this is actually the best time of year to do all those maintenance jobs to ensure your central heating system works…

17th Jul

Magnetic boiler filter

Sludge has been around since the dawn of radiator technology. It’s made up of dirt and rust from the insides of the pipes and the radiators, and when it builds up, it affects the efficiency of your…

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31st Jan

A beginner’s guide to smart thermostats

Making your home ‘smarter’ is no longer a complex task requiring you to hire a qualified electrician. If you are looking for ways of getting greater control over your heating and, more importantly,…

21st Jan

Keeping your bathroom warm this winter

It’s hard enough having to wake up when it’s still dark outside, but if you then leave the cosiness of your bed to go into a cold bathroom, your working day will not get off to a good start! A…

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