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17th Dec

Round Up Of 2018

This is a traditional time of year for people to look back on 2018 and reflect on their wins and successes. We’re delighted to report that we had an absolutely cracking year, mainly because we expanded…

17th Jul

Radiator maintenance jobs to do in the summer

In the current heatwave, you probably won’t be thinking about radiators at all, but this is actually the best time of year to do all those maintenance jobs to ensure your central heating system works…

17th Jul

Magnetic boiler filter

Sludge has been around since the dawn of radiator technology. It’s made up of dirt and rust from the insides of the pipes and the radiators, and when it builds up, it affects the efficiency of your…

25th Jun

Will you be a World Cup winner?

The World Cup â€‹action is hotting up, with many surprise victories already taking place! Are you in the football mood or are you already fed up? The World Cup isn't for everyone and some…

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10th Dec

Interior design predictions for 2019

If you’re thinking about renovating in 2019, it’s time to start planning now. Whether you just want to titivate a few rooms or strip everything back to the bare walls and start again, you’ll…

24th Aug

Choosing A Conservatory Radiator: Read This First

If you want your conservatory to be a part of your house rather than a room you can only use in good weather, you undoubtedly need to install a radiator. There are a variety of radiators that are perfect…

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