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15th Sep

Inspiration from our dream home

The Radiator Centre were recently interviewed by www.theessexbarn.com about 'Choosing a statement radiator'. You can read the results here

21st Jul

Boho Chic

Boho Chic? What is it and how do you achieve the look? All is revealed in this great little article on a Pocket Full of Rye. And our Centurion cast iron radiator gets a mention.  

19th Jun

Is it #ArtOrRadiator ?

Over the last few years we have seen many decorative trends, styles and must-haves pass through our living rooms along with all of the furniture and accessories to match. But how many of us have chosen…

7th Nov

Got a radiator question?

At The Radiator Centre we are passionate about everything to do with radiators. No longer are radiators simply a functional object placed in a room to provide heat – these days they are features…

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Latest The Tips & Offers articles

27th May

3 Steps to placing your radiator

Correct placement of a radiator is the first step to creating a warm, inviting space for all to enjoy. In colder climates, keeping the room warm when the outside world is cold will ensure that it’s…

15th May

Electric Radiators: Why should you go electric!?

Electric radiators are becoming a more popular for householders, providing an alternative to traditional water-based radiators.  And it’s easy to see why: Flexible placement Because…

17th Apr

How to Bleed a Radiator: Simple-Step Guide

If you notice that some of your radiators are not heating up evenly, or there is a gurgling sound coming from the direction of your radiator, it often means that air has become trapped in the system. This…

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